Female – Feelings of guilt & anger – 4 sessions

“Hypnosis works!  I sought help for letting go of incidents which have literally haunted me for years!  I couldn’t  even think of old “tapes” in my head without feeling anger or guilt. Rationally, I tried to convince myself that water under the bridge is just that, but it didn’t work!  Kimberly made me feel very comfortable and the sessions were pleasant. What surprised me was how only a few treatments had a profound effect on my outlook on life. Thank you, Kimberly!!!”

Denver/Cherry Creek, CO

Female – Felt like a failure – 6 sessions

“For years I had been searching for ways to rid my cellular body of the toxic imprinting from my childhood. Within two appointments with Kimberly my world became emotionally lighter. At four appointments I was set free from anxiety, fear and the negative internal chatter that affected every area of my life. Hypnotherapy addressed my issues that were stored deep in my core.Thank you Kimberly for helping me on my journey to “know” happiness!!! ”

Denver, CO

Female – Feeling of Emptiness – 3 sessions

“Hypnotherapy saved me!!  Less than two years ago I was angry, depressed and always had this feeling of ‘emptiness’ that made me want to disappear.  In my late 40’s I had always felt the victim; of child abuse, drug abuse, infertility and divorce.  I was always asking ‘why me?’  For my kids’ sake, and my own, I made 100% commitment to heal myself and started sessions with Kimberly.  In my first session that emptiness went away.  Since then my life has completely turned around.  I am confident, happy, and enjoy every day what life presents me.  I have learned more about myself, who I want to be and let go of many fears and anxieties.  I continue sessions because the more I explore myself through hypnotherapy, the more excited I get about my present and future, and I no longer look to the past to define me.  Kimberly is very trusting and I am always looking forward to our sessions!  Thank you!!!”

Lakewood, CO

Male – Fear of public speaking – 9 sessions

“I just wanted to let you know that my session last night at [my organization] was awesome!  The long and short of it was that I [was unexpectedly called to deliver a inspirational speech…]

To be honest, I was completely blank but this time it was a good blank.  I was not sweating, nervous or anxious and I was thinking completely clearly as I searched for what to say[…] I built a speech in my head and delivered something I was proud of.  I had the whole group engaged, interested and entertained and what really shocked me was that I was LOVING IT!!!

To most, this doesn’t seem like a big deal but you know the struggles that I have[…]  You are GREAT at what you do and I can say with certainty that it would not have been as positive of an experience without the time we have spent together […]”

Highlands Ranch, CO

Female – Cutting ties from previous long term relationship – 1 session

“I really enjoyed my hypnotherapy with Kimberly and have benefited tremendously from it. If you have never tried hypnotherapy before rest assured you are in good hands with Kimberly. Her caring professionalism put me at ease right from the beginning!”

Salt Lake City, Utah

Male – Divorce, feelings of anger – 3 sessions

“I just wanted to say, thank you for your services[…] you really helped me[…]”

Denver, CO

 Female – Past Life & Between Life Regression

“I just had to tell you, I was skeptical when I came in for my regressions since I had never been hypnotized and I wasn’t sure I could even go into hypnosis  […] and I was so completely blown away!  I am still processing all the information but I feel so free […]  I never expected it to have such a profound impact!  Thank you!”

Los Angels, CA