Kimberly Love

Thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Kimberly Love and I am the Founder of SOULICA.  This work is a labor of love for me at this beautiful juncture of my life as I have firsthand knowledge of the profound transformation that can happen when you go within to find answers.  I was called to seek answers after I experienced difficult early years. through adolescence, and young adulthood.

On my journey I spent over 20 years endlessly reading books, studying spirituality and finally experiencing various healing modalities to find those answers. While they were all helpful and some even profound, nothing compared to the transformation I experienced by going within through hypnotherapy. I transformed my own limiting beliefs, recalling past life memories and transcended the experience of my body. Even though I was skeptical at first, I found that there was nothing I could trust more.  These were my own experiences; ‘Something’ that transcended “belief” and became a Knowing for me. And, I trusted these experiences because they were organic… authentic… and unmatched by anything I had previously experienced. The combined result of these experiences is the reason that I now facilitate the inward journey of others. I facilitate with the intention that others may discover their own truth authentically, and have an opportunity to experience the deepest transformation, freedom and awakening for themselves to transform their own limiting beliefs they have about themselves and the world around them.

I am registered with the State of Colorado and am trained and certified in Clinical Hypotherapy, Therapeutic Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Medical Support Hypnotherapy, Past Life Soul Regression Therapy, Between Life Soul Regression Therapy, Natal Regression, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Blissborn as a Birth Hypnosis Educator.

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Montana in Interpersonal Communications in 1992 and then served as an Officer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers until 1995. I then spent the majority of the next 15 years working in the Telecommunications Industry in Corporate America. In 1996, I began my Master’s Degree at DePaul University in Chicago, IL and have plans to continue my studies in the near future. I am also a graduate of Landmark Education (2005).

I am certified by: