Our Mission: SOULICA is committed to lifting humanity, one Soul at a time, by serving others in their awakening to the magnificence of Who They Are.

Our premise is that each individual is a spiritual being having a human experience and that our bodies are a manifestation of our Soul Intentions so that we can experience this life and live the life we are meant to live.  In having this human experience, we each have the opportunity to allow, create and attract the experiences and people in or out of alignment of our Soul Intentions. Given that, the name ‘SOULICA’ is a combination of the word ‘soul’, and the initial letter of each of the words, intention, creation and attraction… thus – Soul-I-C-A, or as we prefer it – Soulica.

Because your body is a manifestation of your Soul Intentions, we are committed to serve by providing services that allow you to remember your Truth and begin to align with your Soul Intentions to live the life you mean to live.  Aligning with your Soul Intentions is the secret to allowing, creating and attracting a life worthy of you. By allowing yourself to be guided inward, you will begin to identify and transform the limiting beliefs and ideas you have about yourself and the world around you, get clear about your Soul’s trajectory and allow your uniqueness and your natural well being to thrive.  You can experience a transformation at a deeper level than ever before that will allow authentic power and abundance to unfold in your life.


“When your personality comes to serve your soul… that is authentic power.” ~ Gary Zukav, author of ‘The Seat of the Soul’

Soulica, LLC is located in Denver, CO.  Click here for directions.