SOULICA Wisdom Coaching

SOULICA Wisdom Coaching is a totally unique approach in serving clients by getting them in touch with their own inner wisdom and assisting them to begin sculpting their lives in alignment with their soul intention. A custom approach is created for each client and can include spiritual mentorship,  learning self-hypnosis, exploring your gifts, skills and talents, exploring different levels of awareness and how to connect and communicate with your soul and the spiritual realm.

SOULICA Wisdom Coaching is not therapy or mental health assistance… it is simply a forum for self-transformation, life sculpting, and a new way of being. It is a place to discuss and explore what your soul knows to be true.

SOULICA is a place where you can explore your soul, karma, reincarnation, Angels, Spirit Guides, Master Guides, Ascended Masters, the unseen reality, our true nature, duality and ego, Source (God, The All That Is, The Great Spirit, etc.), shamanism or shamanistic skills, dreams, natural spiritual abilities or “gifts”, multi-dimensions, past lives, between lives, soul trajectory and countless other topics. Learn that you are the master of your thoughts and you can control your thinking. Learn priceless skills to relieve stress and anxiety, release fears, and clear your mind. Explore how to strengthen your confidence and self-esteem and learn to integrate the wisdom of your soul in your everyday life to live a life fulfilled. Discover the magnificence of Who You Are.

You came here to do something that only you can do, you have knowledge, a feeling or a sense of knowing. Your body is a manifestation of your soul intention… let’s explore what that means and how you begin to live the life you intended before you incarnated in this body.