Past Life Soul Regression

Do you ever consider that you have lived before?  Do you ever wonder about who you might have been or what you might have done in a past life?  Have you ever met someone and felt in instant connection?  Or have you ever visited a city for the first time and felt completely at home?

Past lives can explain our affinity or dislike for certain people, careers, and locations.  Whatever your personal faith or belief, a Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR) can work for you utilizing hypnosis and unlocking doors in your mind. A PLSR can shed light on events in our past that shape who you are today and can be a catalyst for understanding our current problems. You can use past life work to help in many areas of your life, including accessing skills, talents and gifts that you can explore and utilize for your current life.

Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR) is a process that allows you know yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.  It lets you begin to tell the story of your soul. By transcending your experience in a body, you begin to awaken to the truth of who you are and begin to understand your soul intention.  Your body is a tool that you created to understand and release emotional, physical, mental and spiritual past life energy that negatively impacts your life today.

Knowing your past… gets you past it.  Many people suffer from unexplained illness, unhealthy patterns in romantic relationships, family relationships, work, and many other areas of their lives.  There are also many of us who are not aware of our gifts and talents which can be revealed in exploring past lives.  Past life exploration also relieves the fear of death for many who suffer from that fear.

As you learn that you have lived many lives before, you begin to realize that each life that you have lived is but a grain of sand in your ‘beach’ of lifetimes to experience aspects of the ‘All That Is’, delete your Karma and step into your Dharma.  This knowledge helps dissolve attachments to worldly beliefs that create fear and limits in your life.

We all journey from one life to the next to gain wisdom as a soul.  Each life and each element of our lives is purposeful and as we learn to trust this truth and integrate the wisdom of this truth… life unfolds in a new, meaningful and powerful way than ever before.

People who have experienced a PLSR report that they have a better understanding of who they are as a soul and the issues that currently impact them today.  Other benefits include identifying people in your life who you incarnate with often, meeting your spirit guide/s and a greater understanding of your soul’s trajectory.

Your session will be recorded and you will be provided an mp3 recording through e-mail.

Please allow 2 ½ hours for this session.