Inter-Life Soul Regression

Inter-Life Soul Regression (ILSR) is an advanced technique evolved and extended from Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR) that utilizes deep states of hypnosis to access memories of your experiences as a soul between incarnations.

ILSR is usually experienced as a journey, remembering the trip back “home” after a previous life is explored.  Utilizing relaxation, guided imagery and hypnosis, a connection to the superconscious mind is made so that soul memories can be recovered and the spiritual realm can be experienced while in your current body.  We all have wise beings that guide and watch over us and as you journey through your ILSR, it is possible to gain guidance from these beings.  You can gain answers and wisdom to the life questions of “Who Am I?”, “Where do I come from?”, “Why am I here?”, and gain clarity about your past and your future.

People who have a ILSR report having a greater sense of purpose in the world, a greater understanding of their life circumstances and why they chose them, and a far greater sense of peace and mindfulness.

Before the ILSR, it is important to ensure that all of your questions and doubts are addressed so that your subconscious mind, which is going to do all the work, is fully satisfied and can relax and be comfortable with the process.  Hypnosis is not something that a hypnotist or hypnotherapist “does” to you without your cooperation.  You are in control and it is up to you to ‘allow’ yourself to go into trance.  All hypnosis is self hypnosis, therefore, it is essential that you feel safe and confident in the process, and this is even more important when accessing the spiritual realm.  Given this information, a Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR) is a prerequisite for a ILSR.

Your session will be recorded and you will be provided an mp3 recording through e-mail.

Please allow 4 hours for this session.